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A military leader should never be disrespected, ignored, or passed over.


You are dedicated, ambitious, and meant for leadership opportunities.

Yet, you are left feeling powerless and unworthy of the title you earned.

You have trained and worked too hard for your leadership to be questioned.


Utilize your unique personality and leadership skills to lead from your best self.

The Top Leaders are:

Trusted and Respected


Sought Out


Recognized and Promoted


Position Yourself as a Confident, Effective, Outstanding Leader

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Your Success Path is Simple

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Join the CURRENT Military Membership to gain confidence and leadership effectiveness

2. Discover

Discover your unique leadership leverage and learn how to use it effectively

3. Lead and Rise

Lead from your best self to have maximum impact and rise to the top.

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*For those not holding a military position, who are in a civil service role, or are in the public sector, click HERE.

|How much is confusing communication costing you?|


|How many opportunities do you miss because of poor decision making?|


|How many times are you willing to be passed over?|


How much are you willing to miss out on because of your leadership?

Dysfunction among team members is the number one killer of productivity and performance. 

With our guidance and support, leaders discover their SUPERIOR Leadership Leverage to confidently lead  from their best self and have an outstanding career.

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Paul and Jennifer Grau

With 26 years in the military, working with every branch of the military-U.S. and International, and over 40 years combined leadership experience, we've helped thousands of leaders in both military and civilian roles to recognize their best leadership qualities, step into the leadership roles they were meant for, and positively influence and impact others throughout their career and beyond.

Drawing from decades of experience coaching, consulting, working with, and leading teams small and large, Paul and Jen utilize their extensive combined knowledge and training to develop resources that guide and support individuals recently placed in leadership positions, those who aspire to be in top leadership positions, and those in leadership positions encountering challenging situations, to navigate and successfully lead from their unique skills and strengths--to lead from their best self.

Level-up Your Leadership

Everything has been leading to this moment. This is your opportunity to increase your capacity to serve others as a leader, change the trajectory of your life by leading from your self-awareness, intelligence, and gifting, and help others find success through leading from your best self.


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